CanBiocin offers the ability to create your own unique product, combining both probiotic and prebiotic mixtures along with bacteriocins. Prebiotics are preferred foods that provide nutrition for probiotic bacteria and help keep them active.*

CanBiocin’s probiotics have been specifically chosen because they:

  • Bolster your pet’s immune system
  • Help keep your pet’s gastrointestinal track calm during times of stress
  • Produce metabolites that fight against bacteria that can cause major gastrointestinal illness in your pet (E. coli, C. prefringens, S. Typhimurium)
  • Improve availability of nutrients in your pet’s diet
  • Improve production of neurotransmitters in the brain
  • Survive passing through the acid in your pet’s stomach and bile produced in the small intestine – CanBiocin’s probiotics get to where they need to in order to do their job
  • Are not affected by antibiotics that are commonly prescribed to treat diarrhea or intestinal upset

CanBiocin Inc. is a privately held R&D company that specializes in developing and commercializing lactic acid bacteria for use in food safety, agricultural, and health applications.


In the CanBiocin lab, there are more than microscopes, petri dishes and white coats: there’s a team entirely committed to innovating the landscape of bioprotection. And as CanBiocin determinedly continues to research and develop, it is even more important for them to ensure their innovations in bioprotection leave the lab to benefit all:

improving our health, our markets and paving the way for a safer future.


While many of us enjoy hearing those “invented by accident” tales, the truth is that most life-changing advancements are conceived in a lab. Although CanBiocin’s innovations are no different, in their world the lab takes on an entire new meaning: LAB, short for Lactic Acid Bacteria, is the backbone of their operation. Basing their bacteriology and molecular biology research on the application of LAB drives their innovations – in the ultimate quest to enhance food safety and the overall health of animals and humans.

*We recommend feeding a prebiotic and probiotic mix everyday as they are an essential part of optimizing your pet’s overall health.

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