100% Natural
We are 100% natural with no added GMO's
Low Risk Veterinary Health Products

Our products have met North American standards and Health Canada has provided recognition under the LRVHP program

Good Manufacturing Practice

Our probiotics are produced locally under a strict good manufacturing practice (GMP) quality system to ensure a consistent high-quality products

AAFCO Approved

Our probiotics are monitored closely to ensure uniform quality from state to state

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CanBiocin is the premier supplier for species-specific natural probiotics


Why choose our probiotics? 

  • We are fully patented and 100% natural
  • We hold numerous North American quality certifications and are working towards meeting European Food and Safety Authority regulations as well
  • We’re species-specific! Meaning that the probiotics we offer have been derived and tested to optimize your pet’s immune system and overall health
  • We will formulate and customize a blend specifically for your requirements
  • We offer multiple application methods, so whether you’re looking to sprinkle probiotics on top of your food or incorporate it into your food manufacturing processes, we can cater to your needs!




At CanBiocin, not only are we a business driven by passion and science – we’re dog owners as well! Just like everyone else, we want the absolute best for our furry friends and we know what it takes to make that possible. We are committed to providing the best quality probiotic mix along with extraordinary service to help you decide what would be best suited for you.

We believe that our probiotics will help boost and optimize the lives of your pets to help them live as long as possible. From a small lab out of the University of Alberta, we have grown into a brand that is known for our quality, experience and vision.

Want to learn more? Contact us today to receive more information – we can’t wait to meet you! 



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